Medicinal Opportunities of the Sioux American Indian Culture

Herbal & Cultural Restoration Initiative

Dr. Blackhorse - Lakhóta Pipe Carrier

Wíyukčaŋyaŋtȟáŋka Šúŋkawakȟaŋsápa - čhaŋnúŋpa yuhá

Traditional Lakhota Spirituality & Medicine

Dr. Blackhorse (Watȟáŋka Šúŋkawakȟaŋsápa) is an American Indian (Sioux & Apache) Pipe-carrier in the traditional spirituality of the Lakhóta Sioux of South Dakota, United States of America. He has a Doctorate degree in Musical Arts from Texas Tech University and actively advocates for the LGBT+ community he is a part of.

As a Lakhóta Pipe-carrier, he has spent years participating in ceremony and spiritual education with a desire to provide factual and honest information to the public. In 2021, the Medicinal Opportunities of the Sioux American Indian Culture initiative, or M.O.S.A.I.C., was launched as a platform that consolidates the research and knowledge of traditional spirituality. Dr. Blackhorse learned from prominent chiefs and medicine men, wičháša-wákȟ, like Albert White Hat Sr., Sičháŋǧu Lakhóta, among other spiritual leaders.

“Everything in Lakhóta Spirituality is based in reality.”

-A. White Hat Sr.

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Wíyukčaŋyaŋtȟáŋka (Watȟáŋka: “Dr.”): n. 1) an expert/intellectual with an accredited doctorate degree (see: wówapi othéȟika) in any professional industry. see: waúŋspekhiye: n. academic instructor or teacher

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