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Lakota Sioux Traditional Music - 21st Century Topics and Notation

PURE ART 7-Step Guide™ to Programming and Performing Cultural Art with Confidence 𝁵 versions for Print & Poster

Staffnotes™ 8.5x11 sized music staff and note taking stationary

Wiwáŋyaŋg Wačhípi Drum Session Recording of Ceremonial Songs

Extended Techniques for the 6-hole Native American Flute

Thuŋkášila Imáyaluškiŋ “Grandfather Spirit, You Make Me Happy” -Lakota spiritual 𝁵 download free score

Dictionaries & Orthographies

Lakota International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

New Lakota Dictionary [LLCO] Keyboard Layout and Fonts Bundle

Lakota Letters and Pronunciation - LLCO

White Hat Sr. Orthography (WHSO) Keyboard Layout

WHSO: Lakota Language, Learning to Speak the Traditional Way

Modern Lakota Terms, Pronunciations, & Definitions (updated regularly)


American Indian Stories (1921) - by Zintkala Ša (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin) Dakota/Yanktonai

Cultural Appropriation and How to Recognize it

Cultural Reconnection through Story (recordings | PDF guide)

Culturally Important Plants of the Lakota

Sacred Willow CDC pamphlet - sacred čhaŋšáša and western tobacco

Sweetgrass-Hierochloe odorata-pȟeží wačháŋǧa


The Gift of the Sacred Pipe - The Story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman

Discussions on Ceremony and Ethnicity - Statements, Articles, & Interviews

Sacred Pipe of the Lakota Sioux - Pluralism Project

Sičháŋgu Lakȟóta Creation Legend as told by Albert Whitehat Sr.

Articles and Historical Docs

March 18, 2023 - NCN Newsː Chadron State students attend national music conference

May 27, 2021 - Community Members Speak out Against the "Alleged Pretendians List"

April, 2021 - Blood Quantum and the White Gatekeeping of Native American Identity

February, 2003 - Discussions on Ceremony and Ethnicity - Statements, Articles, & Interviews

August 11, 1978 - American Indian Religious Freedom Act 1978 & Indian Code of Offenses 1883

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“I only strive to bring art into the world that reflects who I am as a human-being”

The American Continent is one of the only places on the planet where every possible facet of humanity lives together in “relative” peace.  Since the time of the Ice Age, there have been countless interactions and crossings (i.e Mongols crossing the Bering Strait in Alaska, Viking expeditions, European colonization, slave exploitation, etc.)  These intermingling societies created a large tapestry of trade and cultural networks.  Unfortunately, the history of colonization post-1400 caused deep and painful wounds that are still felt between the general populous and the living elders of the Indigenous populations on reservations continent-wide.  


MOSAIC has one goal; to document and preserve traditional Lakota cultural knowledge in an open and free manner that allows all people the ability to access Knowledge. Good education is incredibly important for the success of any society, but it requires breaking free from the bonds of the traditional “I told you, so it’s a fact” mindset. Therefore, I spend much time researching and validating all the information that I am able through relatives and trusted sources, in order to bring you the most factual and honest collection of free educational resources possible.


As with any cultural issue, there will always be controversy and differing opinions. I speak only for myself and do not represent anyone other than myself. I only strive to bring art into the world that reflects who I am as a human-being; the decedent of a Welsh immigrant, a Latino transplant, and a displaced Indigenous American, I am of all three collectively. There is no reason to segregate myself into one existence when the kaleidoscope of life offers a mosaic of beauty that everyone/anyone can and should embrace.


We are all human—We are all one race. When are we going to start acting like it?


Composer, Researcher, Musician, Two-Spirit

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