Composer, Researcher, Musician, Two-Spirit

Linthicum Blackhorse [b.1989] is a multi-ethnic music composer in North America that has been actively commissioned, writing music for ensembles and performers across the globe.  He has taught as an Adjunct Professor of Western Music Theory and performed as a Guest Artist for numerous ensembles.  

His works include a wide array of themes stemming from his cultural, environmental, and spiritual influences; namely his Latino, Anglo, & Lakȟóta heritages. He is currently a freelance composer living in the United States of America.

Dr. Blackhorse (They/He) identifies as Two-Spirit and is an active member of the global LGBT+ community, giving voice to all of those who are marginalized for identifying outside of the hetero-normative Anglo-Christian/American colonial stereotypes—with the goal of one day being granted equal liberty in our collective humanity.  

Dr. Blackhorse

is an American Indian Pipe-carrier in the traditional spirituality and medicine of the Lakȟóta of South Dakota, United States of America.

As a Lakȟóta Čhaŋnúŋpa Yuhá (Lakota pipe-carrier), they have spent years participating in ceremony and spiritual education with a desire to provide factual and honest information to the public. In 2021 MOSAIC™ was launched as a platform that consolidates the research and knowledge of traditional spirituality. Dr. Blackhorse learned from prominent chiefs and holy-men, wičháša-wákȟaŋ, like Albert White Hat Sr., Sičháŋǧu Lakhóta, among other spiritual leaders.

As carriers of a two-spirited čhaŋnúŋpa, they have chosen to adhere to a spiritual calling giving a voice to other LGBT+ individuals and aspiring musicians in the Native American Indian community.

“The Arts make us feel truly alive…and that is why we keep going back to them.”


“ði ɑrts meɪk əs fil ˈtruli əˈlaɪv…ənd ðæt ɪz waɪ wi kip ˈgoʊɪŋ bæk tu ðɛm.”


“Oéčhuŋ kiŋ úŋ oyáte líla awíčakheya ní…čha hé úŋ gleúŋkhiyapi s’a.”


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Composer, Researcher, Musician, Two-Spirit

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